The Top 5 Writing competitions of 2019

The Top 5 Writing competitions of 2019 Are you an aspiring writer? One of the best ways to get recognized by the international writing community is to enter a competition. It doesn’t matter if you specialize in short stories or lengthy manuscripts, there’s a competition for your specific skillset. Take a look through these 5 […]

Discussing Upmarket Fiction

Discussing Upmarket Fiction Upmarket Fiction is a relatively new genre – we can say that it’s not nearly as old as straight horror, or even gothic horror. Not even the hardboiled detective fiction genre is quite that recent. Upmarket fiction has only come to the writing world in the past ten years or so, and […]

Standard Book Sizes: Trade Paperbacks

There are lots of different book sizes out there. One of the things that you will notice is that there are two different terms for paperback books. One of those terms is the trade paperback. Strangely enough, this is not likely the paperback size that you are used to. Most people have read more mass-market […]